Saturday, March 1, 2008

Potentially Exposive Pew Poll Shows Obama Loses 20% of White Democratic Voters to McCain

This is big...and I have not seen it covered by the mainstream media or our friends in the liberal blogs. Thanks to for allowing one of their readers to post a link to this.
Pew Research did a survey, dated February 28, 2008 comparing voters attitudes about Clinton, Obama, and McCain. The most explosive statement in on page 3 under a heading labled, "Democratic Base Fissures". According to Pew, "overall, 20% of white Democratic voters say would vote for McCain if Obama is the Democratic nominee. That is twice the percentage of white Democrats who say they would support McCain in a Clinton-Obama matchup. Older Democrats (ages 65 and older), lower-income, and less educated Democrats also would support McCain at higher levels if Obama rather than Clinton is the party's nominee."By attracting Republicans and independents to the Democratic Primaries, Obama has the potential to lose the base of the party in a way not seen since 1972 when McGovern won the nomination but nearly destroyed the party. Read the whole survey here: