Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama Has Never Marched in Pride Parade

"Is Barack Obama Going to March in Chicago's Gay Pride Parade?

Chicago holds its Pride Parade on Sunday June 29th on Halsted in Boystown. It's the biggest Pride Parade in the Midwest. It's also, coincidentally, the weekend of the DLC Conference, also held in Chicago. Since Obama's relocated the DNC, largely, to Chicago to be closer to himself and his campaign's operations, and the DLC will also be in Chicago this weekend, we're surprised Obama has not made plans to show his commitment to the LGBT community by marching in Chicago's Pride Parade.

Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady to ever march in a Pride Parade -- and she marches every year in NYC. She also has promised to be the first sitting President of the United States to march in a Gay Pride Parade.

Obama showed us last weekend he's got a pair of pretty comfy-looking sneakers, when he went out on his Chicago bike ride.

Those sneaks would be extra comfy (and would look fabulous, we're sure), marching down Halsted in support of the LGBT community.

If not in Chicago, then where?

If not at the Pride Parade, then when?

If he's not supporting the LGBT community, then why should the LGBT community support Barack Obama?"