Friday, February 29, 2008

Have You Been Banned By Americablog Yet?

I am a liberal Democrat. From the time I first learned about liberal and progressive blogs, I was hooked. While I continue to read the major daily newspapers and have either CNN or MSNBC on in the backgound most of the time, I look to the blogs to shine a spotlight on the stories that the largely conservative mainstream media fails to report or investigate. Sadly, I have noticed a shift in coverage in many of my favorite blogs. Rather then provding all the facts so their readers can make informed choices during the Democratic Presidential Primaries, many (actaully most) liberal bloggers have adopted the same strategy as the mainstream media. These bloggers have decided that the primaries are over, that Obama is the only choice for liberals and they will support him no matter what the facts. I think we can all agree that the media has investigated, reported on, and attempted to tear apart the Clintons for the last 16 years. Now, our own bloggers have turned on their own and use the same tactics to destroy Hillary Clinton before all the votes are cast. I don't mind that the media and bloggers continue to investigate Clinton. What I find offensive and contrary to everything that we as liberals believe in, is when liberal bloggers refuse to do the same kind of reporting on Obama. Day after day, I would find stories that call into question Obama's judgement, his less then substantial record, and his very reason for being (his campaign is based largely on the idea that the American people want a new kind of politics, a change from the partisan polictics of the past, that somehow all our past fights to preserve our rights were unnecessary and somehow bad for our country). Taking this idea to it's logical conclusion, the Obama campaign would have us believe that it isn't good for the country for us to fight for Women's rights, to fight for privacy rights, to fight for gay rights, to fight for health care. Instead, we will all sit down after the election, share ideas, and compromise on every important issue. The Republicans, who have used every dirty tactic to prevent that from happening in the past, will apparently, give up and go along with this new kind of politics. Some bloggers have taken this to the expreme, covering every hint of mistake or mis-step by Clinton while refusing to even look at the real Obama record, the real Obama claims that he is somehome different then Clinton and better suited to lead. I sat by for months as my favorite bloggers clubbed Clinton over the head while ignoring the truths about Obama. I finally started posting reponses to the more ridiculous blogs and started sending stories that I felt presented a differnt view of Obama to the liberal blogs. Within two weeks of my posting reponses and sending uncovered storied to Americablog, I was banned from posting on the site. My posting were never obscene, offensive, hate filled or factually incorrect, yet I was banned while other posters continue to post the most horrible, hateful, and often inaccurate reponses. Every blogger has a right to control their content. Every blogger can choose to stifle dissent and use their blog to lie to their readers. Sadly, I thought more of my liberal bloggers then they thought of me and my opinions. I fear that we are about to select a candidate that few of us know..a candidate that we are setting up for failure. I believe that we must have the strongest candidate to defeat the Republicans. I do not believe that the Republicans will stop attacking..will stop dividing...will stop fighting, no matter who we elect. I do not believe that America is served by selectng a candidate who will give in and compromise on our core issues. I do not beleive that fighting for what we believe is bad. I do not believe that ignoring every negative fact that we know about Obama will make him a better candidate or a better President. I am sorry that our liberal bloggers have decided that by ignoring the facts, they will somehow go away. So, have you been banned by Americablog yet?