Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Missed 40% of Senate Votes Since January 2007

From AP on February 7, 2008: "Obama has missed about 40 percent, or 170 votes" in the US Senate since Janaury 2007. Not only has he failed to hold hearings in his Senate Sub-Committee on European Affairs but he hasn't even bothered to show up for his job representing the people of Illinois. Could he have attempted to make some of his campaign promises realities by actually showing up for work in the US Senate and casting votes on key bills? Can you imagine a job applicant telling his perspective employer that he missed 40% of his work in his last job but you can trust him to do better if you hire him? H e thought all the faces America were important but not quite important enough to show up. Remember, he was too busy running for President to hold any Sub-Committee hearings. According to AP, Hillary Clinton "has missed 24 percent, or 108 votes" compared to Obama's 40 percent.