Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama Told the NYT He Wasn't Sure How He Would Have Voted on Iraq War Resolution

Much has been made of President Clinton's campaign for Hillary. Unfortunately, lost in all the non-stop media coverage of claims that Bill had stepped over some boundary, were the facts.
Obama has claimed that he was right from the start on the Iraq War. He maintains that this makes him the better it seems fair to look at his record. When given the opportunity to condemn Senator's Kerry and Edward's votes on Iraq, he declined and instead said that he did not know how he would have voted had he been a Senator. He campaigned for pro-war Joe Lieberman, refused to condemn Kerry and Edward for thier votes, says he isn't sure how he would have voted, but still stakes a claim that he has the morally superior postion when attacking Hillary on her Iraq vote.
The NYT on July 26, 2004 wrote, "In a recent interview [Obama' declined to criticize Senators Kerry and Edwards for voting to authorize the war, although he said he would not have done the same based on the information he had at the time.' But, I'm not privy to Senate intelligence reports,' Mr. Obama said. 'WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE? I DON'T KNOW.' What I know is that from my vantage point the case was not made'"